Euphoric as I am contemplating the sanity of the thought: I Am Not My Mind. What a strange meditation? All along, I had deemed the cerebral oration inside my cranium to be the fundamental “me” upon which all of life’s phenomenons transpire.

For a moment I appreciated that life is a hoard of elapsing experiences, and my ‘thoughts’ merely reside as an additional ‘experience’ to that pile. First, it appears to me that my thoughts are analogous to my senses. Similar to sensation, the thoughts ascend in my conscious; possessing a particular aura, and subsequently vanish as they are substituted by an alternative thought or perception. Second, when I am sensing, ‘I’ know that I am sensing; when I am thinking, ‘I’ know that I am thinking. Hence, if I am gifted at discerning my thoughts just like I discern my environment, then “who” is carrying out the discerning?


My eyebrows lifted and my eyes twitched as they both knelt down to the inauguration of the sympathetic nervous system to govern the body I resided in. 

I begun to appreciate that the answer to the previous question required yet another thought, a thought that had not yet existed; a thought that wasn’t there a little while ago, but one that would eventually instill itself inside my mind and self-proclaim cleverness. So does the present ‘me’ differ from the future ‘me’?

Am I my mind? I shut down.

I have for now decided to leave the answer to you. Remember, the answer may perhaps be the core of countless faiths and spiritual mores.

The mind may be larger than the sum of its parts


22 thoughts on “I Am Not My Mind

  1. I quite like the notion that how we think is how we feel, and how we feel is how we behave, that none are entirely separate. Are sensations experienced as thought? How we think about them certainly affects how we feel. It seems, that I am my thoughts, as they determine how I feel and behave, all of which is ever evolving, thus my future me is always different.

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    • I agree with that evaluation. The additional layer that you so intelligently picked up on is “emotion”, as subtly proposed by the first word of the post. Perception and thinking may generate an emotion that is rooted in the mind. However, when we ‘feel happy’ we ‘know’ that we are feeling happy, and the big question is: what is the “thing” that is evaluating the happiness. Is that thing us? It certainly may. So there must be an entity that is the baseline for analyzing emotions, perceptions, and thinking

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      • Ahh, that is THE question. Again, just my two cents, but I like the idea of the collective unconscious. I think as humans, we were gifted with a personal unconscious which is part nature and part nurture, just as is the conscious self. But the collective unconscious is something greater than the individual, something which connects us all. I think Jung presented it as something specific to each species, but I like to believe it stretches to all living things. It may be possible that some are much more attuned to it than others, more ‘open’, either by nature or by choice. What an interesting topic….

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      • I love this, actually I was just in the process of researching articles on the unconscious mind. Some say it does not exist; as you can not have perception without sensation. Others say it is the byproduct of the mind’s organization of the conscious occurrences. I am going to do a fair bit of research and write a little article in the near future 🙂

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  2. So the question is: is there a sort of “mastermind” or “meta mind” that bundles all the sensations – emotions, thoughts, physical sensations – and somehow integrates them? Something we could maybe call our “soul” (without getting religious)? – I have to admit, these are the types of thoughts that can drive me a bit crazy… so I think I am going to leave them now, step outside in the sun and just enjoy being 🙂

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