Life is a subjective experience that cannot be fled. All my experiences emanate within my own, personal, and particular perspective. There exists no peer-reviews of my instantaneous perceptions of the world, nor are there any real corroborations of my immediate interactions. This transcends into notable repercussions for the way I live. The first and most pressing realization is that I ought to have faith in my individual experience since no one but me has this angle or point of view. Second, I am in awe as I realize that any ‘objective’ identification I avowal is constructed merely from scratch, by me.

What I construct hinges on the things I’ve read, the events I’ve had, and the folks I’ve encountered. Subjectivity is the fundamental experience; for me, it is life itself. This suggests that no one perceives the world entirely like anybody else; and each of us will ‘live’ in their own individually curated world.

But surely we have one objective reality that is perceived similarly among humans, right? To answer this question we need to define the term “similar”. This terminology obligates a comparison of multiple perspectives; hence, to compare is to reflect upon two subjective perceptions.

Objectivity is nothing more than a collection of interacting atoms and molecules juxtaposed to form clumps of matter, cells, or particles. Henceforth, objectivity can be taken to mean ‘to exist’. Based on one’s experience, culture, expectations, and wishes, it appears that objectivity is merely utilized as the infrastructure to build upon inside the mind, in order to elucidate it all.

The eyes only sense, but the mind perceives 

18 thoughts on “Objectivity is Subjective

  1. Appreciating the subjectivity of your perspective is empowering. It makes you the cosmos’ greatest expert on you. There is no competition, but communicating your point of view allows for sharing, which enlarges others’ perspectives, too.

    In practical terms, I only feel qualified to speak for myself, yet it’s astounding how many people presume to speak for others.

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  2. Wow! I love your opening picture. Figure ground pictures are always a lot of fun, and I haven’t seen this one. Your thoughts on perspective, objectivity and subjectivity are deep. I do a lot of judging for student events, grading, etc, and there is nothing totally objective about any of it as much as we try to be fair. It comes right down to some people are better at helping us see their perspectives or convincing us that they get ours. 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed your post.
    Reality is merely what you or I or anybody else out there perceives it to be. We all have our own ‘map of the world’ – a map constructed against all the things that happen to us personally. Even those lose to us, travelling the same road, may have a different map.

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  4. It is objective that it is possible to trick you, it is objective that those items were intentionally arranged in order to trick you… the possibility of being tricked does not therefor invalidate the notion of there being an objective reality…

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