The human mind is very complex, exquisite, and proficient at unraveling most predicaments without strenuous contributions from the subject. For example, when confronting a broken elevator, we rapidly resolve to take the stairway without any cumbersome pondering. Such unpretentious problem solving skill portrays the human supremacy to other organisms. Conversely, when antagonized by a very difficult problem, our mind is momentarily inept at “instinctively” or immediately determine an action. In such instances, we ought to exploit our “imagination” to enlist few alternative perceptions to resolve the problem at hand.


Picasso would notably gaze upon a white wall to cultivate an inspiration for his canvases. When queried about what it is that he was doing; he’d respond, “I’m painting.” Boundless innovators have a dexterity for distinguishing relationships, seeing connections, and making associations that others cannot perceive. What Picasso grasped in utilizing a “white wall” as a prop for his imagination is the the key to practicing this kind of innovative thinking. Thereby, nurturing the mental operation into a habit; furthering the powers of his mind.

Problems cannot be disentangled with the same mindset that fashioned them

7 thoughts on “Picasso’s White Wall

  1. I think the essay would be better without reference to animal behavior. Research has shown that animals can solve problems that are important to them. For more information see:,,, and The internet is full of examples of animals that solve problems. I love the video of the tumbler and falling leaf. Do you do your own graphics? Your site consistently has graphics that are well worth a visit in their own right.

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  2. “Problems cannot be disentangled with the same mindset that fashioned them” And that’s how I am devouring some Nutter Butters proferred by a woman who’s name I know not. Did I mention that I have reactive hypoglycemia. Fire away!

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