Upon endeavoring onto a novel journey, one must understand that the course takes time, struggle is evident, and mistakes are a fundamental prerequisite for growth. It’s the appreciation of the labor that truly transcends happiness. Our scuffle with mishaps paints a portrait; each stroke denoting a stumble or a vault. We only begin to see the splendor of our art once we appreciate our idiosyncratic humanness that is impressed onto the canvass. Contempt with ones individualism and acceptance of the metaphorical view of life as a spring board (if it goes down at first then it is bound to bounce back up) paves the way for perseverance in the face of difficulties. In not allowing oneself to fail, one deprives oneself from growth itself. We ought to embrace and love failure but never accept it, and happiness can be found from within once we overcome it.


Our ECG is represented by bumps, with both an upward and a downward slope. If the schematic representation had no bumps then we would be dead. Those who do not appreciate the struggle of the process are promptly transformed into quitters. Hence, admiring the course of the journey is a time machine that transports the individual to their goal destination.

Appreciate the ups and downs and keep painting your picture 

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