We frequently settle at discerning the what and leave behind a curious eager age where we once scrutinized the whys and dissected the hows. It is a cognitive suicide to shoulder life as it presents itself and assume it to be no longer essential to question what one knows. The irony stems from venerating the past 10,000 years in historical developments yet feign to grasp the basic fundamentals of the minute occurrences within our sub-100 years of existence.


To probe the presence through root-cause analysis is to constructively fashion a self-tailored future. This does not merely mold our vision in a philosophical approach, rather it empowers us by coalescing and prospering the happy jiffies, and aid in eliminating the bases of malicious phenomenon. Through curiosity, we pave cognitive highways that enrich, amend, enhance, and compose life in a way that will strengthen our individuality.


Personal Growth Hinges On Curiosity. 


7 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. Being persistent at questioning the world around you is the right way to pave your path to the bigger questions in life. While curiosity being a mere appetiser to begin the relentless search, it is remains the important thing which needs to be nurtured in everyone’s life.

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