If You Had The Power, Would You Travel To The Past Or Forward To The Future?

If I can go back in time to March 24 – 2018, I will watch myself run to that sideline and rupture my ACL again and never change anything; because the mental growth and cognitive rewiring that ensued from that incident outweighs the physical ramifications.

What do we know about a predictable life, boring! no?

il_570xN.1169046465_cqsz.jpg       The vision, it was progressing, and the progress was very predictable to the point where each day was a repeat of the previous one, and the future was predictable, the vision was a predictable outcome. Then something unpredictable happened! I was glued to the ground realizing that I am going to be living an unpredictable uncertainty.

Isn’t uncertainty that ‘grey’ area where anything can happen and anything can exist; doesn’t that make it more exciting to wake up and explore the novelty of the day. Maybe we are afraid of uncertainty because it is uncomfortable, but what if we get comfortable with uncertainty, wouldn’t that bring a sense of euphoria that we are on the brinks of seeing something different, something new, something novel, something that will keep us on our toes rather than being flat footed.

To answer the title of this blog post, choosing to travel to the future is simply relying on the premise that the next few “skippable” months are based on experiences trapped by predictability, where we fail to appreciate each day as novelty entangled by the beauty of uncertainty. You know, I wish I had that mentality when I switched my career vision from medical school to physiotherapy school, but that I guess is the definition of wisdom; it comes with experiences not with time.


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