On Doubts 

When someone doubts you, understand that they first internalized your ambition, then they carefully measured its realism against their internal compass, and comprehensively evaluated it to be unattainable from their own perspective. The greatest gift you can give them is the visual of that goal being accomplished, and the greatest gift you can give yourself is the expansion of your own internal walls by overcoming that challenge.

On Trying Things

You will likely make silly mistakes, maybe make the wrong website or the wrong moves; don’t be disappointed, just be thankful that you tried these things early in life. Trust the missteps to be a pivot-point for you to mature, learn, and grow into a wiser person. Be greatful for trying things at an early age, because your peers won’t make those silly mistakes until later on in life, but later is too late for a pivot point! Later in life is the time to structure stability and build a lifestyle on a carefully tested and well calibrated foundation.

On Love 

Never love anyone to fill a void in your heart. If you love someone from a place of loneliness, or to fix a broken heart, or to fill a missing part within you, you are only loving from a place of lack. It’s almost like being broke and robbing a bank for money thinking it’ll bring you peace. You have to first be full, complete, and flooding with inner serenity. Because unconditional love is really about giving not taking. Love is selfless, and when you are whole, kind hearted, and full, you will manifest a type of love that has never existed in this universe before; this is where their success feels like yours, their happiness makes you happy, and building their future feels like building yours. Love is when you brush or braid their hair, warm up their soup, fold their laundry, clean their car, tuck them into bed with forehead kiss, make them snacks when they’re tired, or giving them your coat in a cold arena, all while catching yourself smiling through it all. Love is when their heart-ache is yours, when they have water stuck in their ear and you feel their symptoms, or when their shoulder is sore and yours feels sore too. Never let the misconception of others define how to go about it, it is really the world of two people falling for one another. It’s not finding someone we can live with, It’s finding someone we find it hard living without.

On Motivation 

We can’t do things based on what we’re feeling at a moment in time, feelings come and go, and if we follow feelings alone when challenging ourselves then we will be coming and going based on these emotions. We need to base our drive and ambition on promises we give to our future self. We can’t just be motivated (that’s a temporary state) we need to be driven; because a ’drive’ is a constant state that’s unchanged by external circumstances, feelings, or emotions.

On Believing in Yourself

The beauty is that you’ll find yourself in the middle of adversaries at times. I want you to start drawing your goals, then when you finish the drawing, start painting it, now go ahead and frame it, then when you finish with that I want you to sit back and look at your design. Along the way, some will compliment you, some will say “oh my goodness”, “insane” “amazing”; what they see is really pretty wonderful, but ‘wonderful’ isn’t your finished product, wonderful is only 50% away from the end-product. Don’t let the crowd have you put your paintbrush down, because their approval wasn’t the end goal, the end goal has always been your own approval. Never put that brush down for immediate pleasures/gratification; only put that paintbrush down for important circumstances! But trust me, once you put the frame on that painting you’ll understand the difference between happiness and fulfillment and you’ll become a different breed mentally, physically, and spiritually.

p.s. Thats how I see it now, but views change with time, I am only in my 20s and there is lots of room to experience, learn, and grow. 

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